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 iOS Code Review
 iOS Code Review
Hi there!
Hope you’re doing good and working toward your goals, whatever they are (whether that’s work, resting more, spending more time with family, or protecting what’s yours).
Today I have a couple of longer sections - hope you enjoy the read, and I’m always curious to hear your thoughts!
Let’s dive in 👇👇

Is it SwiftUI's fault?
In the last couple of months there’s been a lot of discourse on Twitter about the betas and the first public versions iOS 16/macOS 13. Some blame the rawness of the first versions specifically on SwiftUI and its immaturity, and this gets reverberated by others. Is it correct or even fair to blame incompleteness of features or bugs on one framework, disregarding other context such as processes, quality of QA, or time constraints?
I won’t share the negative takes not to point fingers (I also don’t have that many fingers 😂). Here’s a few other takes on this, with a bonus positivity thread in the end. Tell me what you think!
“It’s SwiftUI fault”

Meanwhile, on iOS 11 https://t.co/OU3962tiN2
Marina Gornostaeva ✨
I see people dunking on Apple folks for low-quality software, beta or not.
To produce a quality product, the org and processes must support it. There must be time to collaborate, iterate, do proper QA, and fix.
Blame systems, not people.
Marina Gornostaeva ✨
_Every_ developer makes mistakes, bugs. The first-iteration UI sucks.
The difference is that in good orgs teams are not forced to release the raw product.
Tim Roesner
There has been a lot of negativity lately from some “big” voices in the iOS community. So I’d love to hear about / see some of the great apps you all have built with SwiftUI 😊
Swift 5.7 is here!
If you’ve already upgraded to Xcode 14, that means you can take advantage of improvements in Swift 5.7.
I might cover more individual features in the future, but in the meantime you can check out the official overview and the full list of evolution proposals released in 5.7.
Here’s a thread about improvements to generics and protocols:
Slava Pestov
Xcode 14 ships with Swift 5.7, which brings massive improvements to generics and protocols! 🧵
On the practical side of things, here’s a regex to replace all if let x = x { with the new shorthand if let x {:
#Swift 5.7 is here and it’s time for some #Xcode regex magic! 💫
Find: if let (.*) = \1([,\s])(?!as)
Replace All: if let $1$2
Done! 🎉 https://t.co/mpaSMDlNnp
Compiler errors ftw
Truth. Linters are also nice :)
Bas Broek
"Conventions are nice, compiler errors are nicer" @merowing_ @NSSpain #NSSpainX
Directory of Apple frameworks
A full directory of all Apple frameworks with ability to filter by platform and minimal supported version 💪
Marco Eidinger 🧑🏻‍💻
[UPDATED] View all public frameworks provided by Apple and check their platform availability with my new website https://t.co/yGAOgh6w0g

#iosdev https://t.co/ZLqnS7QnTh
Alright, that’s it for today. 
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